Sara Pellegrino

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Pierangelo Metrangolo

Pierangelo Metrangolo Full Professor of Chemistry Politecnico di Milano Biography Pierangelo Metrangolo (Lecce, 16 April 1972) is full professor of

Ewa Kowalska

Ewa Kowalska

Ewa Kowalska Chemical Process Development Manager, API Development Ipsen Manufacturing Biography Dr Ewa Kowalska received a Msc Eng degree in

Christoph Rosenbohm

Christoph Rosenbohm

Christoph Rosenbohm Head of Synthesis & Optimization Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen (RICC) Biography Head of Synthesis & Optimization, RNA Molecule

Bianchi Elisabetta

Elisabetta Bianchi

Elisabetta Bianchi Director Peptide Chemistry IRBM S.p.A. Biography Elisabetta Bianchi has served as Director Peptide Chemistry at IRBM S.p.A. (Pomezia,

Daniel Bourgin

Daniel Bourgin

Daniel Bourgin Associate Director-Business Development CPS EU Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. Biography Over a two decade period, Dr. Daniel Bourgin


Detlef Rethage

Detlef Rethage President Rethage Advisors LLC Biography Mr. Rethage served the last 20+ years in senior CDMO positions in the

Kathryn Ackley

Kathryn L. Ackley

Kathryn L. Ackley Scientific Advisory Board of Chemistry Today Biography Dr. Ackley spent over 15 years working in contract manufacturing


Anna Maria Papini

Anna Maria Papini Professor Bioorganic chemist expert in peptide and protein chemistry and biology Biography Anna Maria Papini is a


Fernando Albericio

Fernando Albericio Professor Research Professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa), Full Professor at the University of Barcelona (Spain),