Anaïs F. M. Noisier

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Yoon-Sik Lee

Yoon-Sik Lee CEO Bead Tech Inc. Biography Prof. Lee has received B. S. degree from Seoul National University (1974), and


Natascia Grimaldi

Natascia Grimaldi R&D Liaison Infinitec Biography Dr. Natascia Grimaldi (R&D Liasoin) has extensive hands-on experience in delivery systems design and


Dominik Sarma

Dominik Sarma Head of R&D Belyntic GmbH Biography Dominik Sarma studied chemistry at the Humboldt-University of Berlin. Together with Robert

Karsten Keller

Karsten Keller

Karsten Keller Director Technology Innovation & Improvement Management Nitto Denko Avecia Inc. Biography In 2017 Dr. Karsten Keller started as


Janika Viereck

Janika Viereck R&D Manager Cardior Pharmaceuticals Biography Janika Viereck studied biotechnology and journalism. During her PhD and Postdoc at the


Nadine Gass

Nadine Gass Head of Quality Control Lab BioSpring Biography Nadine Gass studied chemistry at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology from


Manuela Sevilla

Manuela Sevilla Technical Specialis Tosoh Bioscience Biography Manuela holds a Master of Science in Bio engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute


Jens Bukrinski

Jens Bukrinski Head of R&D Swedish Biomimetics 3000 Biography Jens Bukrinski is Head of R&D and CTO for SB3000. With


Fabrizio Chiti

Fabrizio Chiti Full Professor University of Florence Biography Prof. Fabrizio Chiti, D.Phil - Full Professor, Department of Experimental and Clinical