Yi Yang

Lead Scientist

Ferring Pharmaceuticals


Dr. Yi Yang obtained his Ph.D degree from Bielefeld University, Germany, in 2008 under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Norbert Sewald. He has been working at Lonza in Visp/Switzerland as a process chemist for peptide API process development, optimization, innovation, and GMP manufacturing. He is now working at Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S as a lead scientist, focusing on the peptide API process development, optimization, innovation, and the management of the GMP manufacturing.

Dr. Yi Yang has abundant experiences on peptide synthesis, side reaction/impurity analysis from both API manufacturing and formulation, process development/optimization/validation through QbD (Quality-by-Design), innovation, and GMP manufacturing including genotoxic impurity management, tech-transfer, risk assessment, operation, and regulatory management. Dr. Yi Yang holds a Lean-Six-Sigma Black Belt Certificate and published a monograph of “Side Reactions in Peptide Synthesis” (Academic Press).