Xavier Gerard

Field Application Scientist

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Xavier Gerard, a scientist specializing in RNA biology, embarked on his academic journey in 2008, completing a MSc in Health and Drug Engineering, Biotechnology, and Management at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Grenoble in France. Subsequently, he relocated to Paris to pursue a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Evry. Since 2012, Xavier has held various positions as a postdoctoral researcher and R&D scientist in organizations dedicated to health research. His dedication to innovation in RNA biology has been a constant throughout his career, with a focus on advancing the next generation of nucleic acid therapeutics. Notably, he has honed expertise in developing oligonucleotide therapeutics, particularly for addressing genetic retinal diseases, with some projects laying the groundwork for clinical trials. Currently based in Switzerland, Xavier serves as a Field Application Scientist for the EMEA region at Thermo Fisher Scientific within the Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (NATx) division. In this role, he remains devoted to supporting innovative endeavors and assisting customers in pushing the boundaries of nucleic acid-based therapies.