Thomas Müller-Späth

Head of Peptide Chemistry

YMC ChromaCon AG


Thomas Müller-Späth, Ph.D, holds the position CTO at YMC ChromaCon AG, Switzerland. Thomas is inventor of 10+ patents and has authored and co-authored 30+ scientific articles and book chapters on continuous chromatography for biopharmaceuticals and downstream processing. Thomas frequently presents at international conferences as speaker and also co-chairs workshops on continuous chromatography.
Thomas studied chemical engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg, Germany, and at the University of California, Berkeley. Thomas gained further R&D experience at Bayer Healthcare in Berkeley, CA, and Beiersdorf , in Hamburg Germany. He obtained his PhD in 2008 in the area of the multi-column-technology for the purification of proteins at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) in the group of Prof. Morbidelli, where until recently he is also active as a Scientific Advisor.