Tamara Martinez

R&D Manager



Dr. Tamara Martinez serves as R&D Manager at Sylentis, Madrid, Spain. Dr. Martinez has developed her entire career as a Biologist specialized in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. Dr Martinez and her team led the design and the development of three RNAi- based drugs, SYL1001, SYL040012 and SYL1801 from R&D to clinical trials, currently in Phase III, II and I respectively. In charge of several projects in the Ophthalmology, neurodegeneration, inflammatory, viral diseases and pain areas using RNA interference technology (siRNA) as a potential therapeutic agent. She designed and Developed Sirfinder an AI-based platform for the design and development of RNAi-based pharmaceuticals and designs and supervises non-clinical efficacy, pharmacology and toxicology studies in coordination with the clinical and pro-clinical departments. Prior to Sylentis, Dr. Martinez worked in prestigious academic environments such as the Spanish Council of Research studying molecular basis of developmental processes and working on Neurodegeneration, studying neurotoxicity and molecular basis in prions and Alzheimer diseases. Dr. Tamara Martinez is member of OTS, she is Co-author of multiple international publications, communications and lectures, co-inventor of many international patent applications and more than 15 funded research programs and actively collaborates with programs of different national and international universities in the mentoring and training of new scientists. She has great expertise in RNA, Oligonucleotides, Systems in Biology, Bioinformatics, Drug development, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology, Preclinical Models, Ophthalmology, Pain and Rare Diseases.