Silvia Marchesan

Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry

Università degli Studi di Trieste


Silvia Marchesan obtained her PhD at The University of Edinburgh (2008, UK), and qualified as Pharmaceutical Chemist (2007, UK) and Pharmacist (2006, Italy), honorary researcher at UCL (2005-2007), Academy of Finland Fellow at University of Helsinki (2008-2010), CRSS Fellow jointly at Monash University and CSIRO (Australia, 2010-2012). In 2013 she moved to the University of Trieste where she opened the Superstructures Lab ( thanks to a competitive starting grant. In 2018 she became Associate Professor and received the Habilitation as Full Professor. Since 2021 she is Visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge (UK). Recent awards: RSC Soft Matter Lectureship (UK, 2021), Howard Lecture (UK, 2020), Aulin-Erdtman Lecture (Sweden, 2019), Nature Chemistry’s selection among international profiles charting chemistry’s future (2019), Rising Star in the natural sciences (Nature, 2018).