Juliette Nourry

PhD student

DPM laboratory


After completing a bachelor's and master's degree in organic chemistry with a focus on therapeutic product synthesis, Juliette NOURRY sought to explore the fate of these medications and transitioned into an interdisciplinary doctoral program. She is currently a third-year doctoral student in Grenoble, France. She is affiliated with the DPM laboratory, the Department of Molecular Pharmacochemistry, under the supervision of Eric PEYRIN and Farid OUKACINE. She is part of the NOVA team, which employs functional nucleic acids as recognition elements for therapeutic or diagnostic applications, such as oligonucleotide selection, as well as the development of analysis devices and nanovectors. The funding for her thesis has been granted as part of a project involving the nanovectorization of antimicrobial peptides using aptamers to target bacteria, aiming to explore alternative solutions to antibiotics. Her work has primarily focused on studying the interactions between aptamers and bacteria. Following her participation in the IOPC conference last year and winning the poster prize in 2023, she is now involved in the current conference as a speaker.