John Lopez

Peptide synthesis expert, Innovation Ambassador

Novartis AG


2003: John got his PhD from the university of Chile and Serono research institute (Geneva Switzerland), John investigated the design and synthesis of peptidomimetics as therapeutic molecules for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  

2003-2006: Postdoc fellowship at professor’s Manfred Mutter group at EPFL (Lausanne Switzerland) here John worked on developing solid phase synthesis of several hepatitis B drug candidates.  

2006-2011 John leaded the peptide group team at Cabogen-Amcis (Bubendorf- Switzerland) where his main task was the cGMP manufacture of peptides and small organic molecules in large scale.  

2011-Present: John work at Novartis (Basel-Switzerland) his Role at Novartis is; Peptides/Oligonucleotides synthesis expert, in that role his main task is the development of large-scale (GMP and non-GMPmanufacturing process for Peptides and Oligonucleotides. Additionally as innovation ambassador, John is leading innovation projects dealing with Artificial intelligence/Machine learning applied to chemical process development.  

Hobbies: Sharing with family and friendsreading, riding my motorcycle and doing my own beer (homebrewing)