Fabio Gallazzi

Associate Research Professor

University of Missouri


Fabio Gallazzi is Associate Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, USA. In 1996 he gained the Postgraduate Diploma in Biotechnological Applications from the University of Milan. In 1998 He had a two year post-Doctoral contract at IMI-Tami, a major Israeli chemical company.
His research interest includes the design, preparation, characterization and optimization of peptides and peptidomimetics modified from natural sequences in order to be useful in biomedical applications.
His expertise extends not only to the laboratory, but also to various stages of project development including synthesis design and feasibility analysis, allowing him to play a pivotal role in multiple research projects and collaborations. Dr. Gallazzi’s contributions are reflected in 60 published works in peer-reviewed journals and 16 communications or poster presentations at international conferences.