Michael Postlethwaite

Senior Director, Business Development Europe, Oligos/Peptides

STA Pharmeceuticals (a Wuxi AppTec Company)


Mike obtained his PhD in Neuroscience in London, and then worked for several years in academia and industry in the UK in the Neuroscience field.  He then spent 1 year in Singapore looking at dermatological applications of light therapy, including the potential application of DOTA Peptides for targeted toxin delivery in the skin.

Following a move to Basel, Switzerland (where he is still based), Mike worked for a number of years in the sales organization at Bachem, and was strongly involved in the early stages of the startup of their Oligonucleotide manufacturing.  Mike then moved to AmbioPharm to facilitate the expansion of peptide business activities in Europe, and since January 2023 has joined WuXi Tides (part of WuXi STA) to lead the Tides business development expansion across Europe.