Martina Catani

Assistant professor

Università degli Studi di Ferrara


Martina Catani is assistant professor in analytical chemistry at the University of Ferrara (Dept. of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Sciences) since July 2021 and she received a PhD in chemical sciences in 2018 from the same university.  

She has spent research periods at VUB Brussels (Belgium), University of Pécs (Hungary) and ETH Zurich (Switzerland) where she worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in 2019. 

Martina works in the field of liquid chromatography for both analytical and preparative purposes. Her main research activities are focused on purification of polypeptides, oligonucleotides, proteins by means of single-column and continuous countercurrent multicolumn preparative LC; separation of natural cannabinoids; investigation of kinetic and thermodynamic phenomena in chiral and achiral HPLC and SFC. 

She is co-author of more than 40 papers on peer reviewed journal and she has presented her research activities in more than 20 national and international scientific meetings. 

She has been the recipient of the international “Csaba Horváth Young Scientist Award” at HPLC2018 Washington (Washington, USA), of the “2020 Young Researcher Award” conferred by the Interdivisional Group of Separation Science of the Italian Chemical Society (SCI) and of the “2021 Young Researcher Award” conferred by the Analytical Chemistry Division of SCI.