Lauren Goodrich

Director, Research & Development

Nimble Therapeutics


Lauren Goodrich is director of research and development at Nimble Therapeutics. Lauren leads a diverse team of scientists working to utilize Nimble’s proprietary maskless array synthesis technology for the development of peptide-based therapeutics. She is responsible for the ongoing success of external collaborations, Nimble’s internal pipeline, and further development of the platform.

Lauren earned a PhD in chemistry from the University of Michigan and a BS in chemistry from the University of Minnesota-Morris. After completing her graduate work, Lauren joined Roche as a postdoctoral fellow, where she focused on optimizing the synthesis of biopolymers on the company’s microarray platform. Lauren continued with Roche as a scientist in the technology innovation group, holding increasing levels of responsibility, and ultimately leading an interdisciplinary team to further advance the peptide microarray platform and its applications. Notably, Lauren and her team developed the latest generation peptide synthesizer, bioinformatic tools, and assays that Nimble continues to build upon for the rapid discovery of specific, high-affinity peptide ligands to proteins.