Giovanni Vivenzio

Ph.D. student in Pharmaceutical Sciences

University of Salerno


Giovanni Vivenzio was born in Salerno on 22/05/1992. Graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Salerno on 30/10/2019. From January 2022 to now he is a Ph.D. student in Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Salerno with a project about “Sustainability in peptide synthesis and purification: from research and development to production of bioactive peptides.”

Since 2009 he has experience in organic peptide and peptidomimetic synthesis through the application of innovative synthesis methods such as the use of microwaves and combinatorial synthesis for the creation of small libraries of biologically active compounds. Research projects focus on the study of peptides as antitumor and antiviral agents, peptides active towards the cardiovascular system, peptides for the ocular drug delivery.