Fabrizio Chiti

Full Professor

University of Florence


Prof. Fabrizio Chiti, D.Phil – Full Professor, Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences, Section of Biochemistry, University of Florence, Italy.

Fabrizio Chiti received his Degree in 1995 in Biological Science at the University of Florence, in Italy, and his D.Phil in 1999 in Chemistry at the University of Oxford. His research, performed under the supervision of Prof. C.M. Dobson, concerned protein folding studies. His post-doctoral work, performed in the field of protein aggregation and amyloid formation, was carried out at the University of Florence for 2 years and at the University of Cambridge for 1 year. In November 2002 he became Associate professor in Biochemistry at the University of Florence and is now, starting from December 2010, full Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Florence. His scientific interests involve the elucidation of protein aggregation processes, the identification of the molecular determinants of the toxicity of protein aggregates, the study of the effect of chaperones on such processes and the mechanism of cell toxicity. His awards include Election to EMBO Young Investigator program (EMBO), Membership of Academia Europaea, the Jean-Francois LeFèvre Lecture (École supérieure de biotechnologie Strasbourg) and the Maria Teresa Messori Roncaglia ed Eugenio Mari Award (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei).