Adnane Achour

Professor of Molecular Immunology

Karolinska Institutet


Adnane Achour is a Professor of Molecular Immunology at Department of Medicine the Karolinska Institute and the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab). His basic education included a BSc in biophysical chemistry (Umeå University) and a MSc in biotechnology (Royal Institute of Technology). He pursued his thesis studies under the leadership of Prof. Klas Kärre and defended in 2001 a thesis based on structural, biophysical and immunological studies on the importance of MHC class I/peptide complexes on recognition and modulation of NK and T cells. Prof. Achour is an expert in structural biology, immunology and biophysics. His research group focuses on the development of novel vaccines based on the use of MHC-restricted altered peptide ligands, as well as the studies of key proteins in immune responses towards cancers as well as virus and bacteria infections.